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Julian Miles Larson.


Male. Seventeen. Gay. Kind of really madly in love with this jerk.

I'm into porn, food, theatre, baseball, and sex.

Some of the people I care about the most are her, him, her, him, and her.

"believe me when i say that i cannot apologize enough."

[This is a roleplay account; I own nothing unless stated otherwise.]

We’ll be censoring all of Tumblr in order to protest ACTA. Any blog that does not reblog this will be shut down and have all of its content removed. 

You’re not ugly, Hummel, and you’ve got killer eyes. 

/goes back to other rp

i’ll come back when suzy is more active

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This egg salad does not meet my expectations.


And, the worst part is there’s no-one else to blame 

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